Short Term Pressures Are Shortchanging Brand Building

Marketers at growing businesses are typically focused simultaneously on tactical marketing programs to fuel revenue AND brand building. While these two types of activities shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, the reality is that brand-building is often shortchanged. Why? Building a brand takes time, resources, strong marketing leadership, support of the CEO and a big picture vision. […]

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Cut to the Chase: Some Thoughts to Ease Proposal Writing Pain

Most of our clients sell their work through formal proposals. That’s because – unlike companies selling products – our clients sell brainpower where the results of their work can’t be seen until after the project has been completed. This what makes proposal writing so challenging…and that’s why most of us hate doing it. So,what if […]

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The Goldilocks Principle And Email Communications

Are you wondering how your electronic marketing outreach is perceived by your customers? Do you know whether the frequency is too little, too often or just right? There are really no hard and fast rules on how often you should reach out to your customers, but here’s a blog that offers an excellent set of guidelines. […]

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Website Design Best Practices

Asking a writer to develop copy to hand over to a website designer is a bit like furnishing rooms before the house is built.

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External Surveys – Internal Considerations

The main internal questions to ask – and answer – of your organization before launching a customer satisfaction program

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New Advice on Driving Growth at Second Stage Companies

Only one out of nine start-ups make it to the next stage.

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The Next Best Thing to a Direct Referral

Don’t forget to ask your clients for testimonials.

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A New Way to Collaborate

If you aren’t already using the Google suite of collaboration products, you are missing out. No, this is not a product endorsement.  Instead, consider it a solid recommendation about how to get smarter about sharing. Here’s a common scenario on how we use Google docs to collaborate virtually, in real time, with our clients who […]

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Face Your Fears. Answer Those Dreaded Questions!

Try this messaging exercise as an alternative to practicing your elevator speech. Among other things, you’ll bet better prepared to answer to the absolute worst-case objections you’ll ever hear from a customer!

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Headline Headaches: A Media Relations Lesson

Watch what you say – the headine could follow you forever.

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