Branding Professional Services Firms

Coca-Cola, Kleenex, Lexus. Each of these brands has carefully crafted characteristics that consumers around the world can readily identify. Unfortunately, branding for companies that sell brain power – versus tangible products – is quite a different matter. Here’s a definition of “brand” that you may find useful as you position your professional services firm in the marketplace.

Recognize that, unlike a product, a professional services firm’s brand depends entirely on its people. Your people are your brand.

A brand is a promise to customers and encompasses quality, price, results, service, etc. In other words, for business services firms, it is entirely about your reputation.

Because it is intangible, your brand has to be supported by “proof statements”. You cannot merely say that you are the best. You must present evidence (such as client satisfaction scores, for example) to prove it.

Your brand must be flexible enough to encompass the varied things that you do. So do not limit your brand by defining it too narrowly.

Finally, your brand must reflect what makes you different from competitors. Unless you can clearly articulate your differentiators, your brand will be meaningless in the marketplace.

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