Five Rules to Get Your Client Newsletter Read

Newsletters – whether electronic or printed – are a great way to build your brand, showcase the best thinking from your firm, and regularly stay in touch with all of your contacts. Here are five golden rules regarding content to follow in order to keep your readers coming back to your newsletter:


Rule One: Be brief. Stay on point.

Rule Two: Don’t sell but do tell real-life stories.*

Rule Three: It’s not all about you. Draw upon current news items to show how your ideas tie into the world at large and offer solutions to the issues that your readers are dealing with.

Rule Four: Give your readers something practical. This can be a tip or idea that they can implement right away.

Rule Five: Give your readers something “big picture” to think about. This will position you as forward-thinking in your industry; as a company that is constantly thinking innovative thoughts.



*We’ve actually had success in including case studies and/or interviews with companies who aren’t even clients of the firm yet! Oftentimes, an ambitious, career-building individual will want the exposure that a specialized industry newsletter can give them, even if they aren’t actually YET a client. The interview subject gets great coverage to boost their career and you get the aura-effect of having a well-recognized company mentioned in your publication.




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