New Advice on Driving Growth at Second Stage Companies

A startling fact: only one out of nine start-ups make it through the initial launch phase.  In fact, many of our clients would agree that the start-up phase is relatively easy compared to growing your company in a sustainable fashion to reach the next critical stage.  The “second stage” can be exceptionally challenging as entrepreneurs look for new sources of capital, seek outside advisers, hire a team, build a corporate culture, figure out their marketing strategy and…well, the list can often seem endless.

In a new and thoughtful book, “Second Stage Entrepreneurship“, Dan Weinfurter offers ten proven strategies for driving growth.  Dan’s impressive credentials and 25 year track record as a serial entrepreneur, combined with his story-telling abilities, make this a great practical read for anyone charged with leading a company on a path to maturation.  The book touches on ten topics that absolutely need to be core concerns of any company striving to grow beyond ten to one hundred employees and/or with revenues from one to fifty million dollars.  Put it on your “must read” list today.

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