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The Goldilocks Principle And Email Communications

Are you wondering how your electronic marketing outreach is perceived by your customers? Do you know whether the frequency is too little, too often or just right? There are really no hard and fast rules on how often you should reach out to your customers, but here’s a blog that offers an excellent set of guidelines. […]

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A New Way to Collaborate

If you aren’t already using the Google suite of collaboration products, you are missing out. No, this is not a product endorsement.  Instead, consider it a solid recommendation about how to get smarter about sharing. Here’s a common scenario on how we use Google docs to collaborate virtually, in real time, with our clients who […]

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Five Rules to Get Your Client Newsletter Read

Newsletters – whether electronic or printed – are a great way to build your brand, showcase the best thinking from your firm, and regularly stay in touch with all of your contacts. Here are five golden rules regarding content to follow in order to keep your readers coming back to your newsletter:   Rule One: […]

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