The Goldilocks Principle And Email Communications

Are you wondering how your electronic marketing outreach is perceived by your customers? Do you know whether the frequency is too little, too often or just right?

There are really no hard and fast rules on how often you should reach out to your customers, but here’s a blog that offers an excellent set of guidelines.  Ultimately, the truest test is to monitor your open and opt-out rates. If they are staying relatively constant, with some leeway given to seasonal fluctuations, you are probably doing fine. It also doesn’t hurt to ask your best customers about their preferences. Don’t limit your questioning to only the frequency of communications – ask customers what information they value the most, how they prefer to receive it and when.

You might be surprised.  For years, conventional wisdom has held that Tuesday mornings are the best time to reach customers but we recently experienced a substantial uptick in email “opens” for a client through a distribution on a Friday afternoon!  Turns out that their very cyclical industry typically slows down right before the weekend.

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