Want to Be A Better Marketer? Read More.

A tip: the best writers are the most prolific readers. Some of my favorite business freelance writers tell me that they often (when not on deadline, of course) will spend more time reading than actually writing on any given day. That’s a lesson we marketers can learn from.

A good marketer needs to be well-versed and that means being well-read.  Being well-read means regularly reading all kinds of stuff.  Stuff that your customers read about their industry. Political stuff. Science-y stuff. And also general stuff: short stories, novels, essays, opinions, fiction and non-fiction.  I’ve personally learned more about structure and style from reading The New Yorker every week for the last ten years than all the college English classes I ever took.

So read more. It will make help you become more persuasive in developing points-of-view, differentiators and pitches.


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