Webinars: Wringing Out Every Ounce of Value

While there are advantages, as well as definite disadvantages, to disseminating your message through webinars, the critical thing to remember when weighing the pros and cons is that a webinar is only as valuable as the pre-event promotion and the post-event follow-up.

In other words, while it’s critical to ensure that the content conveyed during the actual 45 minute or one hour presentation is top notch, pay as much attention to how you promote the webinar in advance.  Mention it in blog posts, on LinkedIn or via Twitter, send a teaser to potential attendees via email and have your business developers commit to calling clients and prospects with a personal invitation.  No doubt many of those you contact will either have a conflict on the “go live” date (another reason to archive all webinars for at least 6 months) or may not have a direct or immediate interest in attending.  On the other hand, they may pass the invitation along to a collegue.  And you will have had one other reason to contact them. 

After the webinar, follow-up is again critical.  If, for instance, the webinar included a survey and/or live polling questions, use that data to craft a press release.  Send the key points and the data to both those who attended the webinar – as well as those who did not.  Re-purpose the content for blog posts or as the basis for submissions to speak at conferences.  You get the idea…think of the webinar not as an event but as a campaign.


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