Website Design Best Practices

We’re often called upon to re-write or create entirely new copy for websites. We’re not developers, coders or designers, nor do we want to be.  We’re the content creation team.  Our goal is to partner with the website developer to create content that will best work with our mutual client’s business needs and creative vision.

There are times we’ve been asked to write copy for a site that has yet to be designed. That typically is not a good idea and we have possibly lost a client engagement (or two) for suggesting that the design team and the content team really need to work in tandem.  It’s not a matter of which comes first – the best process is to launch a website project with the designer, client and content writer all agreeing upon the tone, look and feel of the new site. Asking the writer to come up with copy to hand over to a designer is a bit like furnishing a room before the house is built. Alternatively, asking a designer to get started on site architecture before the central messages of the website have been established is equally counter-productive.

An initial conversation really goes a long way to producing a great site.



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