Why Carrick?

If you can’t put your services into a box or a bottle, you should talk to us about marketing.

We work exclusively with companies that sell “brainpower.  Our clients are consulting companies, executive coaches, accounting firms, investment advisors and others who sell services that are intangible and whose value to the buyer is often not known until after the sale.

Because customers can’t experience your services/solutions/products before they buy, marketing them is particularly challenging.  You are selling your reputation, trust and expertise – not widgets.  Your brand is a promise that must reflect what makes you different from your competitors and must be supported by proof.  We understand this and welcome the challenge.

And for those who are wondering…

We’re often asked about our name.  A carrick is a type of knot, or “bend” in sailors’ parlance.  It’s one of the best knots to use to tie two different types of rope together in a secure and strong, but flexible, manner.

Much of our work at Carrick Marketing is about connecting concepts that will grow your brand…and making sure your marketing tactics are properly secured to your business goals.

When it comes to marketing “brainpower”, we know the ropes.